Monday, August 25, 2008

Twitter - I take it back

I originally said I didn't see the point of Twitter: Scott's blog: Twitter.

But once you are following the right people (and some of them follow you), it actually becomes very interesting.

I did a Twitter Search for SQL Server and found a bunch of smart people to follow.  Enough of these folks "followed back" that now I can post thoughts or questions about SQL Server and get nearly instant feedback from a group of experts.

Jason Massie has been following a similar group of people and he blogged a list of SQL people he follows.

I guess the key here is to keep track of where all the cool kids hang out.  Once upon a time it was Usenet.  Then we had web forums.  Then blogs.  Right now it's Twitter.  Pretty soon it could be Stack Overflow.  Too bad everybody keeps moving, because we certainly have enough to learn everyday as it is.