Thursday, July 31, 2008

Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft licensing has always been a pain.  You can always find good technical information, but then you can never figure out how much anything will cost.  This is from the latest Microsoft Canada Technet email, and I think it's worth repeating here:

Microsoft LICENSING 101: Do you have burning Licensing questions you'd like answered? Ask them now.
Licensing is a major pain point for Microsoft customers. Let's face it. It's complex, always changing and based on feedback, it's not very flexible either. You've shared with us through the spring Microsoft Customer and Partner satisfaction survey that it's an area you wish Microsoft would improve on. To address your feedback, we invite you to ask us questions you'd like answered on licensing. Based on your top questions, we'll work with a Licensing specialist to get your questions answered. In confidence, we'll share your questions and answers with the broader TechNet Flash audience so readers like you can learn more about Microsoft Licensing. Send your simple or complex questions to cdntnlic(AT) Stay tuned in future TechNet Flash editions, as well as our TechNet home page for more information on getting your top questions answered!

Note: I misquoted the email address to try to avoid sending spam their way.

Bravo to Microsoft Canada for recognizing that this is a serious issue.  Hopefully this is not a one time thing, and will become a regular feature.  It probably won't make for exciting reading, but it's important stuff.


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