Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Silverlight & AVG

Here I said I wouldn't be touching Silverlight for a while.  I stuck to that.  I'm finally looking at it now, 8 months later.  I'm just looking at Silverlight 1.0 right now, none of that Alpha stuff for me, thanks.  That puts me well behind the bleeding edge guys, but still in the early adopters.

One advantage of starting out a bit late is that many of the problems are already googlable.  So when I ran into the issue with AVG antivirus, someone had gone before me:

Vinod's Irregular Rants & Raves!: SilverLight, Anti Virus Software & Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

Since I'm behind the curve, I'm still using Visual Studio 2005.  And Vinod's instructions (for 2008) didn't exactly match what I was looking at.  Not to mention he's one of those guys who's looking at the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha rather than 1.0.  So I'm rewriting it here for us VS 2005 slowpokes.

So here are my revisions to Vinod's instructions to make them applicable for the VS 2005 template for Silverlight 1.0 to work with AVG:

1. Go to %appdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ProjectTemplatesCache\Visual C#\Silverlight\SilverlightJSApplication.zip 

Note for me %appdata% is C:\Users\Scott\AppData\Roaming - but that's on Vista.

2. Rename the file Default.html.js to Default.js

3. Open each of the following files and search & replace all occurrences of Default.html.js to Default.js:

  • Default.html
  • SilverlightJSApplication.csproj
  • SilverlightJSApplication.vstemplate

4. Close all the files and create a new Silverlight project in VS2005. This time it should work fine.

So now I've written my first post in almost two months - but I've still not actually done anything with Silverlight.