Thursday, December 04, 2008

DevTeach Day 3

Passed on the early run today, the 8am session still seemed to come early.  Jessica M. Moss presented the first two sessions I sat in on, and even part of the third. 

The first presentation was on SQL Server Reporting Services.  I presented on this topic to the Fredericton .Net User's Group a few weeks ago.  I enjoyed watching someone else cover the same topic. 

Next up was extending SQL Server Integration Services with Custom Components.  This is a new topic to me - I knew it could be done, but I had never seen it demonstrated before.  This falls into the "good to know in case I need it" category.  I'm not sure it would be such a good use of time in my environment, but knowing that is also important information.  Another good session.

Jessica also contributed to Rushabh Mehta's session on Building an SSIS Management Framework.  This was a very practical session and I'll be making use of some of these ideas for sure.  Outstanding stuff.

I also really enjoyed Beth Massi's presentation - Taking Advantage of LINQ and XML in Office 2007.  I've got an automation app (VB.Net and the PIA) that I never liked, and this is a much better solution.  The automation app is fulfilling it's purpose right now, but when it's time to open that code again, it might get an overhaul.


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