Thursday, November 29, 2007

Andy Leonard : SSIS and Visual Studio 2008


This is some really bad news.  Apparently you can't work with SSIS 2005 in Visual Studio 2008?  Don't know if this is 100% true - it really seems hard to believe.  If it is true, Microsoft has a lot of explaining to do...

I mean, could they possibly release the database edition without support for SSIS 2005?


At Tue Dec 04, 04:28:00 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Similar problem, I can't open .dtproj which were created in VS 2005 in VS 2008 ( development edition ) . Does that mean SQL Server 2008 needs to be installed to be able to create this kind of projects in VS 2008

At Fri May 22, 01:21:00 am , Blogger Unknown said...

yes, I also cannot open SSIS package in VS2008, how can we do? we need install something to support?


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