Friday, May 18, 2007

DevTeach postconference

Enjoyed the Sharepoint session with Rod Paddock and Jim Duffy. Jim gave the crash course in setting it all up, and Rod talked about the developer's perspective. In Sharepoint 2007, it looks like a more reasonable undertaking to develop you own parts. In 2003, it was scarier it needed to be.

The fact that you can now reasonably use SharePoint to host your public website means that a small IT team can make a more reasonable resource investment when it comes to a) learning the technologies and b) actual development effort.

Time didn't permit a demonstration of some of the more interesting extensions. In particular, custom workflow, Reporting Services and KPIs are the ones that interest me most. Of those, I would only expect the custom workflow to be a bit tricky, but I have not had time to look at any of these yet.


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